Portfolio of Services

The promotion of gender equity within the family structure involves the review and transformation of the roles that are assigned to each family member by reason of its gender; hence the work done by GENFAMI with every child, man or woman seeks to recognize the important role of each individual in the assumption of values, rights and responsibilities that guide beliefs, behaviors and attitudes and that maintain inequality in society. GENFAMI works as well on the institutional strengthening of those agencies in charge to ensure full exercise of rights and restitution when they have been violated.

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Management for Institutional Strengthening

Technical advice to institutions for the design, implementation and evaluation of plans and programs, internal promotion strategies on sexual, reproductive and gender equity rights. Violence prevention and conflict resolution, promotion and prevention of sexual and reproductive health issues according to the current public policies (stigma, discrimination, HIV, IVE, etc). Family strengthening; risk management of labor and psychosocial issues, improvement of organizational development processes and labor welfare. Design, implementation and evaluation of strategies for institutional and cross-sectoral strengthening. 

Comprehensive care for victims of gender violence

Accompaniment to the process of implementation of public care policy in the assistance to the victims of armed conflict. Therapeutic support services to professionals serving victims of violence; and psycho-legal advice and legal support to victims of violence; advice and support in the implementation of the program of psychosocial care and comprehensive health care for victims of armed conflict PAVSIVI-; accompaniment to the implementation of protocols of care for victims of gender violence inside and outside of armed conflict.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Technical support to public and private institutions for the promotion and respect of human, sexual and reproductive rights and gender equality, promoting the active participation and development of the communities that are affected positively or negatively by the mission of the institution. Training and development of capacities for human talent.

Research and Knowledge Management

Design and development of research in areas of social interest, community, sexual and reproductive rights, mental health, gender and family violence. Tracking, monitoring and evaluating social plans, programs and projects. Promotion of study groups, training and research on issues of rights, gender, family, sexual and reproductive health with emphasis on mental health. Seminars, workshops, refresher courses on topics related to rights, gender and violence.

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Institutional Services

  • Training programs for health professionals about protection and justice in matters of comprehensive care to victims.
  • Advising entities to implement comprehensive care to victims of VBG (psychological, physical and sexual violence).
  • Strengthening of inter-sectoral processes covering the subjects of health, protection and justice for victims of VBG care (psychological, physical and sexual violence).
  • Process development training on sexual and reproductive rights, violence and disability.
  • Development of routes of care for victims of gender-based violence (psychological, physical and sexual).
  • Training for strengthening inter-sectoral networks and routes of care.
  • Actions to strengthen institutional response to victims.

Services to People and Communities

  • Family and community support services
  • Therapeutic support services to professionals who care for victims of gender violence, domestic and sexual.
  • Accompanying the victim in the process of inter-sectoral care
  • Space recovery for bodily autonomy (biodanza, Aikido)
  • Support for access to programs on the full enjoyment of rights
  • Actions to support the achievement of employment
  • In case of emergency management to ensure family retreat
  • Promotion of Sexual ,Reproductive and Mental Health
  • Services to prevent gender violence, domestic and sexual
  • Detection, health care in cases of gender violence, domestic and sexual
  • Services of legal expertise
  • Services of comprehensive health care for victims of gender violence, domestic and sexual (medical care, psychological, social)
  • Psycho-legal services and legal support
  • Psychological services and psychosocial care