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GENFAMI Foundation for Integral Development on Gender and Family

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Es a non-profit organization that focuses its actions on the strengthening of processes and services that encourage, from a rights and gender perspective, the exercise of sexual and reproductive rights and prevention and comprehensive care of violence.
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The Foundation for Integral Development on Gender and Family GENFAMI, promotes a culture of peace and the exercise of human rights, with an emphasis on sexual and reproductive rights. Develops technical and scientific processes, supports the construction, dissemination, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of public policies with a differential and psychosocial approach, and contributes to the institutional, social and community strengthening.

“Promoting a culture of peace and supporting the exercise of human rights”

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By year 2020 GENFAMI will be a reference entity in human rights issues at local, national and international levels, with an emphasis in the development of plans, programs and projects in the topics of mental health and comprehensive care in sexual and reproductive health issues and rights. It will also serve as a reference on the management and strengthening of public and private institutions, social, communitarian and vulnerable organizations, and will generate strategic alliances in order to provide support and enhance the achievement of the Foundation ‘s objectives. It will also get certified in management systems, based on continuous improvement of processes, in favor of institutional, social and community welfare.

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Human Management Policy and Quality Management

GENFAMI is committed to the development of an administrative management devoted to relevancy, timeliness and quality, and with focus on continuous improvement, ethics and social responsibility to meet the changing needs of the internal and external customers of the Foundation.


Respecting Rights Policy

In fulfilling its mission, the partners of the Foundation are committed to the respect and guarantee of gender equality, as well as the full enjoyment of human right and sustainable development of community and environment; therefore it focuses its administrative, technical, operational and service efforts, in the recognition of rights and the proper use of materials and natural resources utilized on the development of its activity.


Solidarity and Targeting Policy

GENFAMI, committed to embrace and impact the population, is in constant search of regions with greater psychosocial and violence affectation, in order to promote a culture of peace, exercise human rights and establish branches that will expand coverage to national and international levels.

Respect and recognition of people in their dignity, responsibility, rights, autonomy and freedom..

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  • Ethical Attitude
  • Service
  • Inclusion and Equity
  • Commitment
  • Social Responsibility
  • Honesty

Our Partners

GENFAMI has experts in medicine, psychiatry, clinical, family, legal, social and communitarian psychology, forensic science, law and social work to ensure the provision of quality and timely services. All this is supported by expert advisors with extensive experience at national level in areas such as human rights, gender, violence, victims of armed conflict, psychiatry, mental health, quality, public health and epidemiology, information systems, territorial management, health administration, medical education, training and capacity building of human talent, who have participated in the design / construction, implementation and evaluation of public policies and technical guidelines at national and international level.

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We Love what we do and we do it with Passion!

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